Payback Time

From way back in March there was revenge last night.

Costa Rica slowed the USA's march toward the 2014 World Cup with a 3-1 win Friday, while Mexico were on even shakier ground after a 2-1 loss to Honduras. Costa Rica moved to the top of the six-nation final qualifying group in North and Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF) with the victory in San José that ended the USA's 12-match winning streak.

 I thought playing the first game was wrong and a mistake but we all know about home field advantage. At the time I was giving my Tico friends a ration about how altitude was going to affect them along with the cold throwing in a line about it will probably dump as well.

And it did all that.


  1. I watched the game, mate because one of my heroes, Emilio Izzaguire was playing for Honduras. He is left back for Glasgow Celtic in his day job. I see him play every week. Unfortunately he didn't play well. Great result for Honduras though. Who do you support?

    1. Nobody really Tony. As a general rule I pull for the little guys almost always in most sports.