Rocky Mountain News Is History

Tomorrows paper will be the last in the 150 years it has been published. In some ways it's a bit sad but they shouldn't feel lonely as there will be more going broke just as they did.

But what I really think is tough fucking shit. One of the columnists did a piece blaming Craig's List for their demise. Well maybe that has had something to do with it but the bottom line most papers that have failed or are going to is that you fucked up big time and you deserve no less.

Yes there's an attitude here along with a memory like an elephant. Whether it's the Rocky or another every goddamn one of you banged the drums of war leading up to the invasion of Iraq even though there was ample evidence otherwise. Fuck you for what you did to my country by continually taking a centrist position on important issues and saying you did no wrong and that you are providing an important product that informs the public of the issues. Double fuck you!

Over the last eight years there have been any number of stories where you could have chosen reality over spin from those who were raping our country and the Constitution but no you picked the same road as always so I say don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out and don't forget a lot of the reason for your demise is because of the same attitude here.

I'll get the truth and the whole story on the internets that does not whore themselves out to the whacked out religious right wing of the party of Hoover giving them a continual mouth piece to spew their shit and propaganda without calling them on it as it should be.

If you had done your job we would not be in the world of shit we're in at present so triple fuck you ass holes!

is the link to the Rocky's article on the demise of their paper if you care to read.


  1. Dead on target there, One Fly.
    Great post. Love the label, too.

  2. The legacy Daddy Bush left us was putting all the media into a few hands, and they did just as you've said. They thought it would sell papers, but it bit them in the ass.

  3. They're just practicing "journalism" as taught in journalism schools, i.e., that the journalist's job is to be an accurate transcriptionist to power. So that's not a product people want to buy? Hmm...

    - Badtux the Journalism Penguin