I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Hanging Out

That's pretty much what's going on here. I will say it is a laid back place this Punta De Mita.

Of course it's warm and humid. Pretty quiet for the most part.

I guess there will be no pictures because upload speeds are non-existent. That sucks.

Will I travel here this winter? 50-50

Will I go anywhere this winter. Not so sure anymore.

Today was not a good day particularly.

Spilled coffee on my laptop and moved at the speed of light to limit the damage. It was messed up but gradually came back. Then it would not charge but that came back - both with the help of a room fan that I set it on. I'm lucky as I do want this. For me the internets is a pastime. Some shoot,some drink,some just work all the time and what have you. When not doing daily routine activities do want access to the Internet.

Then it started raining hard and realized and not quick enough water was coming in several places. Wouldn't have made much difference anyway. The wall in the bathroom for instance has openings to the outside and the rest has shutters. In my haste to close the shutters I slipped on the tile floor and fell hard. I have hurt myself but I hope not too badly. I'll be able to judge better tomorrow. I felt it in my left shoulder and collar bone when I hit. This clavicle has been broken three times in my life the last being a long time ago but still. I believe there may be a tiny fracture.

The other thing is that just next door and I mean just next door there are maybe four presidents - three for sure of Central American countries attending a conference of some kind. There are army and other types all over the place in fairly large #'s. They don't have much to do and could care less about me or anyone else.

That's what is known today in this world and little else.

Have a good one where ever you are.


  1. I've had shit ankles all my life and live in perpetual fear (a low amount of fear but fear nonetheless) of falling. Hope you feel better.

    1. Thanks Andy. I'm pretty sure there may be a slight fracture in the same place it always wanted to break.

  2. Oh no.

    Take care of yourself for a few days and don't put any weight on the damage if you can. Elevate your legs. Time generally heals my boo-boos if I don't rush it.

    Beautiful view. I'm swamped but I'll write soon.

    Wish I was there.

  3. Darn it! Just plain dag nab it! Shoulder and collar bone fractures take a major amount of time to heal. Try hard to not strain them as the bones knit back together.

    Water everywhere...hummm...not good in monsoon season.

    Like you I need the internet!

    Get well soon. Also enjoy your stay!


  4. Dad-GUM BEAUTIFUL Beach .. and photo of it!
    Reckon I'd swap my pretty good day for even a shitay one where you are ... minus the bumps 'n bruises, of course. I google walked down to the Hotel Mason de Mita ... and there's an armed soldier right across the skreet! Next to the Surf Shop .... heh heh heh
    Hope you start having a better time, ol' Pard, but ... puts me in the mind of this ...:

  5. Shark infested waters in that pic, if ever I saw them, mate. Get your feet up.