So They Got "El Coss" - So What

You and I paid $5 million for a reward so another can step up and take his place.

The Mexican Navy said Wednesday it had captured one of Mexico's most wanted drug bosses, the head of the Gulf Cartel, in what would mark a major victory in President Felipe Calderon's crackdown on organized crime.

Remember not that long ago Calderon spoke so harshly and truthfully about the US. That didn't last long. You can bet he got made an offer he couldn't refuse from the Empire.

This is actually a pretty decent representation of what goes on south of the border and similar here as well in many ways too. So decades of the same will continue even though an idiot can understand this war front can not and will not ever be won.


  1. Very interesting header...really like it. Lots to see!

    1. I like the barrel cactus the best.

    2. I like the barrel too, but cholla is probably my favorite. I brought some of the dead shells??sp? back from my trip to NM and have it scattered around my yard.

  2. Too much money to be made in continuing the fight.