I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Deny All You Want This Ain't Right

In my lifetime I have seen weather patterns change in two different locations. Iowa and Colorado with the difference being it basically quit snowing in certain parts. Is this evidence of climate change in the scientific sense? Of course not.

When the real evidence was brought forth by scientists from all over the world they were ridiculed out of the room by the right wing. The corporations profits cannot be denied.

One thing that always stood out dramatically when new data was analyzed was that here were the smartest people in the world and almost always in the piece that was written they continually underestimated the rate of decline. That is significant.

Here are the results of doing nothing. How many storms have we seen like this one after another. Storms that reach from Canada into the Gulf sometimes six or eight states wide and in the winter as well.

Not only is the Empire in steep decline but our planet as well. We will never see normal weather patterns ever again and you do not have to be a scientist to come to that conclusion.

When I was a kid and thunderstorms would roll through at night Mom would light a holy candle and hope for the best. That was spookier than the storm.

I feel for the kids and everyone for that matter in the mid-west as I can tell you I would be so scared of these storms I don't think I could sleep at night.

May the storms stop today please!


  1. May The Storms Be Still.

  2. It was pretty scary around these parts last night.

  3. Heading up to that area tomorrow, hope we avoid them.

  4. I hope you do too Patrick.

    We don't even have them around here and it scares me.

  5. It's not just the mid-west. Tornado Alley extends all the way through the South. I used to stand outside my door when the sirens went off because I could look in the direction from which a tornado was coming. No more.

  6. Hi Leslie. It's just downright scary because the storms are so huge it seems there's no way to avoid them. It's like you're a prisoner. It's has to be so tough mentally.