Lake Chapala looking to the east from just a bit north of Chapala in Jalisco province Mexico.


Sen. Udall Covers Up For The Bush Killers

History has been for the most part rewritten about Iraq and there will never be anyone held to account for this treasonous act by the bushes. So my corporate backed senator goes along as the rest and does his best for the 1%.

He lies through his teeth. Neither of these corporate in name only dim senators from Colorado will get my vote either.

You knew exactly what the results were going to be you sob! Let's be clear too the fish wrappers that prints things like this enable history to be less than half a truth and that's as much as a lie.


  1. Nice picture, sir! Are you a Damsel-Fly Whisperer?

  2. Excellent yuk there Mont. I don't remember the specifics but I was a couple places where there were so many I have a feeling he just lit and I got lucky. It's fun damn it. Thanks!


    One Fly, I just read this on another blogger's site and it seemed like something you might enjoy reading.

  4. THE HEADERS is another amazing photo!