This is Bistek al la Mexicana a common dish found many places. There are several places I get this some better than others but all real decent! Kind of a tomato based sauce with generally pretty tender pieces of beef and a fair amount of it. The rice is pretty generic but the frijoles can be something else. This also includes as many fresh made in front of you tortillas you want and brought to you with a smile. Something like this costs around 50-60 pesos or $3. The squeezed as you watch orange juice is 20 and brings the price up a bit but worth it. Nothing in the States I've ever had compares to this not even close plus it'll cost 7-10 smacks. I don't know what I'm going to eat when I return. It will be an adjustment as I do this so much that is go into Puerto Vallarta on the south side and have me a excellent lunch with "real" Mexican food not the slop I get back there. I do not plan on eating out much at all only at maybe three select places. Pricey yes but worth it because it's so good. I threw away so much money last summer eating way overpriced shitty food. Several times the food got thrown away as well. The whole of Mexico is an eating machine I tell you. I'm gonna miss this.

I feel good and and think the higher temps and humidity contributes to that. It's the same every time. After a month or two you realize and say " Hey I feel pretty damn good!"

Just as important I believe the food made fresh with wholesome fresh ingredients as well contributes to that. Get off the bus in town the food smells everywhere make me hungry just like that.


Priest Sex Abuse Linked To 13 Suicides In Belgium


This story is so evil that I don't know the words to describe how I feel.

Adriaenssens, a child psychiatrist who has worked with trauma victims for 23 years, said nothing had prepared him for the stories of abuse that blighted the lives of victims.

You catholics and I don't give a shit if feelings are hurt are just as fucking guilty as the sick bastards that do these things and this piece of shit of a man who is called the pope who allows this to continue.

Tell me you practicing catholics that at parish level you are demanding from your bishop that the enabling poop of a man Benny the Rat stop this now. Remove priests worldwide who are known predators and come out and say that this will never happen again. But he won't do that. He is evil -this entity of catholicism is evil and the people mind fucked by this ancient dogma of bullshit must speak out and demand this stop and until then all are just as evil as the rapers of children. 

It's just that simple.

And folks this is just one country!! This goes on world wide and has not let up because the hierarchy does not address this as it needs to be.

Sick bastards I tell you.


  1. oh man, idk if you heard about how they were threatening to like throw out all belgian catholics because the belgian gov't refused to stop investigating sex allegations in the church..... they had to take a step back when the dutch investigations showed that the church knew about at least a dozen cases and promoted or shifted pervert priests, instead of removing them, spitting on them and handing them over to the police....

    fucking fuckers....

  2. In a just world the Catholic Church would long ago have been shut down as an international criminal organization, its leaders put on trial, and its assets liquidated to pay compensation to the victims.

    As it is, they're losing members at a dramatic rate in Ireland, Germany, Austria, and probably a lot of other places.

  3. These perverts have been doing, and hiding this for centuries.
    Just put them in the regular prison population. Their life expectancy will be TICK TOCK.
    The history of the Catholic Church is a crime with in its self.

  4. The Catholic Church has punished a hospital nun for recommending a life-saving abortion. This week, Sister Margaret McBride of Phoenix, Ariz., was automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church and demoted from her administrative position at St. Joseph’s Hospital for her participation in a panel that recommended an abortion to save a woman’s life. The patient in question was a pregnant woman whose pulmonary hypertension made it a virtual certainty that both she and the fetus would die if the pregnancy was carried to term.

  5. You prompted me to look at the issue around the world, unbelievable! My sons were all alter boys and I always lectured them on trusting those perverts.

  6. I was too Jim and thankfully nothing happened but the guy's family where he grew up down the road was dysfunctional but not known at that time by the locals. He was a priest you know. There may have been another from that family.

    Agreed Infidel but--- it's overdue for Catholics here to begin taking an extremely strong stance on this.

    Forgot to say about the priest was there were several new ones and one was pretty different and turns out he was gay. They didn't say squat about that but I wasn't there either.

    It's just time guys that action really begins.

    What's the next story that's going to come out?

    This one is horrendous and people need to pay for shit like this that's done by adults using an invisible non-existent cloud being as the tool to assault young people.

    Screw what everyone's dumb ass bible says-no mercy for these fuckers!

  7. I think we are all on the same page here. I wish there was no religion.
    I have yet to see any good coming from any of them.
    Whatever good was from individuals doing the right thing. you don't need religion for that.