I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


Second Iowa Ethanol Plant Declares Bankruptcy

Pine Lake Corn Processors of Steamboat Rock has become the second ethanol producer in Iowa to file for bankruptcy. The 30 million-gallon-capacity plant opened three years ago and shut down operations on Dec. 1.

There are still 29 other plants operating more than anywhere else. In the end this may turn into a major boondoggle.


  1. It IS a boondoggle. Corn-based ethanol is ridiculous. It hikes up the price of food.

  2. Can you guys imagine what went on behind the scenes at federal/state and even county level to get these things built? It seems that all of a sudden they were just there. Then there's the bio-mass plants as well.

    Used the wrong words may turn into because you just can't win with this stuff.

    Thanks Dusty.

  3. There are much saner feedstocks for ethanol than corn. Consider the cattail: Typha spp.. It costs nothing to grow, grows on otherwise useless land, and drastically outproduces corn. It is worldwide, and in some places (e.g.Africa: Lake Chad) it is a disastrous nuisance, needing clearance. These are the biomass resources to use first- troublesome weeds.