I drove past this between Salida and Cotopaxi on State Highway 50 in Colorado. I had to turn around and tell whoever that I stood with them totally assuming I was correct. I was and got the biggest hug of appreciation for doing so.

From my understanding, there are close to 3000 children being held around this country after being seized from their parents at the border.

Many will never see their Mom and Dad again because Republicans are totally evil.

You bastards!


It Is A Count Down

It seems like all of a sudden like time has come to make life style changes  - - well because of age. Decisions have been made and the new year is sort of a countdown to October sometime when I plan on quitting work and moving to here.

I've been fairly excited about the prospects but in recent days became nervous as well. Stopping in October so I don't get snowed on in any amount again turning 62 in 3/12.

This is a gamble folks plain and simple and what I want to make of that here are a couple things. First there will be no health insurance for over three years. Many have assumed incorrectly that catastrophic health insurance will be purchased for 500 smacks. That can't happen. I have used my insurance once recently to x-ray my hip joints and I'm good to go forever. Will use it for another procedure soon. The first was a six to eight hundred dollar bill that cost me 20 smacks. At 65 of course socialized medicine kicks in.

 The second is Social Security. That's what I will be living on. The small amount of cash on hand will be put somewhere out of sight so if I get bad sick I can go to the emergency room and get "some of the best medical care in the world" and not croak quite so fast. I live on less than what I will get from SS now and the ranch above is paid for. It's doable. Frugal pops into mind or could it be very very frugal. We'll see as it's going to be interesting.

I do not want to be held hostage to insurance and that's the gamble and that's the way the game is played. I am lucky that the hand that I hold is strong enough that I'm allowed the chance at not having to go to work everyday. Do not misunderstand as there will still be work. I'm very tired of the samo. Really good and successful at what I do but it's grown oh so tiresome as well as the winters. Winters are much milder as well as shorter at the ranch.

I am glad government is here at this stage of my life to assist when there would not much else otherwise except to punch that clock till you're unable to anymore. Every American is entitled to Social Security. Why would any person in their right mind want this to go away or be diminished in any form?

If Medicare would kick in at 62 the apprehension level felt at times would be nil but even at that the fact that it is coming is significant. Why would any American in their right mind want to see this go away or be diminished in any way.

If anyone thinks the right in this country will provide any of this to you not only are you very stupid but on top of that you are fucking downright bat shit crazy to think anywhere close to that.

I am very proud that this country and those leaders that came before the ones from recent years who thought enough about "we the people" instead of now "they and the corporations" to do this for all Americans regardless of how they got to be Americans and with equality for all.

It's gonna be a ride and whether right or wrong the train is boarding.


  1. Time waits for no one.
    Those who adapt to the coming times, will be fine.
    Those who do not, will be left behind.
    Change is good.
    All beginnings come from an end.

  2. Do you have a spare room...lol

  3. 60 miles north of the NM state line and a bit east of 25. The picture is looking south at the Spanish peaks.

  4. Yes there is one. A real nice one bedroom house.

  5. I thought those peaks looked familiar. Great location, great views!

  6. One Fly,
    When you head down to Taos for green chile and tortillas, get some to go so you don't have to drive down more than once a week!

  7. Good luck! I would be freakin' petrified not to have health insurance. However, if you're in good health that stacks the cards in your favor.

  8. gorgeous one fly -- i am so happy for you. when i turned 50 (and was forcible retired as unfit for duty due to my fake knee), i started asking myself 'if not now, when?' and gotta say that mantra has served me well in making these kind of decisions.

    these are the years that we worked so dayam hard to get to... so that we can live our dreams.

    am looking forward to reading about your living your dream...

  9. I'm pulling for you, One Fly!

  10. It's a brave thing you are doing Tom, but it's what brave people do.

  11. Or is it dumb and brave Holte?

  12. I hope this is not too far from the good fishing.

  13. It looks like about 80 miles + or - to some real decent fishing. There is some to be had closer but not stream or river that I enjoy. I'll go up to the Arkansas and it's a bit further but I don't have to come back because I have to go to work.