This is Bistek al la Mexicana a common dish found many places. There are several places I get this some better than others but all real decent! Kind of a tomato based sauce with generally pretty tender pieces of beef and a fair amount of it. The rice is pretty generic but the frijoles can be something else. This also includes as many fresh made in front of you tortillas you want and brought to you with a smile. Something like this costs around 50-60 pesos or $3. The squeezed as you watch orange juice is 20 and brings the price up a bit but worth it. Nothing in the States I've ever had compares to this not even close plus it'll cost 7-10 smacks. I don't know what I'm going to eat when I return. It will be an adjustment as I do this so much that is go into Puerto Vallarta on the south side and have me a excellent lunch with "real" Mexican food not the slop I get back there. I do not plan on eating out much at all only at maybe three select places. Pricey yes but worth it because it's so good. I threw away so much money last summer eating way overpriced shitty food. Several times the food got thrown away as well. The whole of Mexico is an eating machine I tell you. I'm gonna miss this.

I feel good and and think the higher temps and humidity contributes to that. It's the same every time. After a month or two you realize and say " Hey I feel pretty damn good!"

Just as important I believe the food made fresh with wholesome fresh ingredients as well contributes to that. Get off the bus in town the food smells everywhere make me hungry just like that.


Let's Be Afraid Some More

Arrests fuel new fears of ‘homegrown terrorism’

Yea - I'm afraid all right. Of the crazy's who don't believe in science and mathematics and the religious nutters who continually try to force their beliefs into the classrooms and government and my life irregardless of my wishes and that of the constitution that protects me from this.

You betcha this is scary when you have politicians in congress who base their votes on the wishes of constituents who are still evolving in the primordial goo of dumfuckededness but yet there is only one way and that is their way and they make sure to let you know they have plenty of guns and know how to use them.


  1. Fear is the key. Since WW II we have used the carrot and the stick to advice narrow but powerful economic U. S. interests. Obama's speech this week was a flimsy, amatuerish attempt at justifying our historical military bullying. It didn't, and won't, fool some of the people but it will frighten them. It will fool most of the people, with the aid and comfort of the MSM, and that will suffice for Barack and his ilk. Fear and ignorance will allow our elected leaders to accomplish by edict what they can't thru the ballot box. As our economy weakens by mismanagement and neglect the elites of corporatism will increasingly use fear of enemies within to advance their goals. Can para-military and regional citizens tribunals be far behind? Not if Obama's Baloney is left unchallenged. I'm no professional mechanic but I do know the difference between a tuneup and an overhaul. We are desperately in need of an overhaul; starting with our Congressional Democratic Delegation. To do less is to invite more domestic disaster and foreign policy foolishness as was exhibited by Healthcare Reform(?) and Obama's Nobel acceptance lecture this week.

  2. Amen to that, Fly! When are we foing to fry up that magnificent brookie? Yum!

  3. Beautiful Brookie I can taste him! It pisses me off that they pacify the screw balls and ignore the masses they are supposed to represent and get away with it!